Take You Down

I love how the the photo's are bright and sunny yet the colors are non existent 
Zaahb & I went into the city yesterday for the opening of F21 in Times Square
but as expected when we got there it was absolute MAYHEM!
There was a line to get INTO the store about a block long
Do you have any idea how long NYC blocks are?
We decided to pass on the opening since 5th avenue is way more interesting
In short, We had loads of fun and cant wait to do it again



jessica said...

oh gorgeous photos.
& yes i can only imagine how chaotic it must have been !

Lis-x- said...

Wow, that queue sounds mental! Love the photos!
Off The Wardrobe

Kara Marie said...

sexyyy! haha & 5th ave is def fun, but at times too hectic cas of all the tourism.


Copious Couture said...

I hate waiting in line!!!! I would have gone to 5th avenue too!!! Hope you had a great time!


Yaary said...

awesome photos heree!

Le Fashion said...

great collection of images :)


LoliTa said...

LOVE these! underwear and leather... perfect!

minnja said...

Amazing photos !!!


Maria said...

ok. hot pics!

Raez said...

gorgeous black and whites. lara is gorgeous!

xx raez

Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys still had a blast!!! Love these photos, definetely can still feel the sun even though its b+w!!

<3 Kelly