Soles of Black

Every pair of boots that I own are black
I need more of a variety but if I see an awesome black pair
I cant control myself

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Source: Jak & Jil


Behind The Seams said...

love the last pair!

Kara Marie said...

i love black too... i just brought brown heels but now i dont even know what i can wear with it & im wishing it was black..hahah

Anonymous said...

OMG! the second last pair are AMAZING!!!

I also have alot of black boots but i just purchased dark grey over the knee heeled boots, can't wait to wear them!

loving ur blog

Lynzy said...

My vote is for the last pair, although they are all beyond gorgeous!

I am having a giveaway (starts at midnight tonight) Be sure to stop by :)

xo Lynz

Copious Couture said...

I hear ya! All mine are black too... but they are just so damn sexy... I can't resist!!!


Jess said...

I followed you!!!
I like here and loveeee this shoes!!! :D

Vanessa said...

black goes with everything so why not!
love jak & jil

Maria said...

same her! I've been good and bought a pair of lightgrey wedges though.. :p


great shoes.

BEK F said...

What sexy shoes!