Not Like Everything I Do

I think the sun has a vendetta against my hair
I dyed it black and now its brown again

Heres a Closer Shot

Putting together a bunch of great post for you guys
I know once school starts posting will be a bit of a task
but I'm committed to making this blog as awesome as possible
But if you already like my blog...

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Model Monday #29

Model Monday!
I start school next week
..Such a scary thought

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Reader Of The Week

This weeks Reader Of The Week is 
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Topical Error

Yesterday was my first day of work
and I  think im really going to like it
of course getting paid is a plus
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...& A Thousand To Your Finger Tips

Need to finish school shopping 
only one more week left of summer vaycay

Shake Things Up

Summer please hurry up and end
I want to wear layers again!
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Sources: StockholmStreestyle & Jak&Jil