Model Monday #16

I love tracking down pictures of the Model/Look boards from fashion shows
Its a time consuming task
but the reward is a post I can be proud of

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Relax All Day

Marlena Szoka By Daniel Gabbay for Marie Claire Italia
I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend

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Olivia Palermo Street Style

Pack It Up

So sorry that I left you guys without a post yesterday but 
Coco is heading back to New York
I've been waiting for today to come for too long and here it is
I'll be sure to post as soon as I can!

Up Above


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Model Monday #15

Its Model Monday once again!
The Pictures of Anna Selezneva And Abbey Lee are my favorite

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Reader Of The Week

Coco has to be totally honest
This weeks reader of the week was a MAJOR tie between like 3 or 4 bloggers
So what's the only fair way to choose?
Innie Minnie Miney Moh!
Courtney & Brigitte of Douchebaguette are this Weeks Reader of The Week
They are so cute and I diqq their blog 
Check em out HERE!

The Weeks Of Dasha

Its finally friday and now I get to post what i've been saving ALL week
I was contacted by Anna about this totally cool swedish fashion project
The Weeks of Dasha is a weekly fashion film series
staring the fictional character Dasha Romanova
Each installment features a different piece from a designer or brand
 Incorporated with a story line following the life of Dasha 
I've watched a bunch of the videos and I really started to get into them
The whole project is so artistic that im sure you guys will love
So click HERE to check it out


Change Of Plans

Alanna Zimmer by Max Abadian for Flare
So I had a different post planned but once again 
....I've fallen victim to an editorial
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Like a Crayola

I realized that almost all of my street style is people wearing dark colors
since its practically summer time I figured its time for a little Color
Oh P.s. Check out Shinebythree's blog for an awesome give away!

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