Smells Like Teen Spirit

Such a beautiful wednesday 
What plans do you guys have?

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Break Even

Reminds me of Zaahb & I running around Manhattan

Sources: StockholmStreetstyle, Jak & Jil

Model Monday #20

In honor of the 21st Model Monday post
I've decided to choose 8 of the top teenage model's
So in order from youngest to oldest (left to right) I'll list their ages & a piece of info
Lindsey Wixson - 15, Face of Miu Miu
Frida Gustavsson - 17, On cover of the March issue of Vogue Germany
Karlie Kloss - 17, Four international Vogue covers (including Teen vogue)
Toni Garrn - 18, Appeared in campaigns for Prada, Versace, Fendi, Dior & many more
Sigrid Agren - 19, replaced Kate Moss as the face of Stella McCartney 
Tanya Dziahileva - 19, cover of Russian Vogue
Ali Stephens - 19, appeared on cover of German Vogue, Teen Vogue, & French Elle
Anna Selezneva 19, - Five international Vogue Covers

....Dont You feel like a slacker? lol
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Soles of Black

Every pair of boots that I own are black
I need more of a variety but if I see an awesome black pair
I cant control myself

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Source: Jak & Jil

Take You Down

I love how the the photo's are bright and sunny yet the colors are non existent 
Zaahb & I went into the city yesterday for the opening of F21 in Times Square
but as expected when we got there it was absolute MAYHEM!
There was a line to get INTO the store about a block long
Do you have any idea how long NYC blocks are?
We decided to pass on the opening since 5th avenue is way more interesting
In short, We had loads of fun and cant wait to do it again


The City

 Zaahb & I (Coco) are going into the city today 
for the opening of Forever21 in Times Square
I dont shop there but its summer and we have nothing else better to do
What could be more fun than two 16 year olds running around NYC?


To Have & To Hold

I need a clutch so bad
preferably an extremely large one

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Sources: Altamira, Jak & Jil, KarlasCloset