College Bound

I usually never get too personal on my blog
and try my best to keep it strictly about fashion and inspiration
I've just been accepted into F.I.T. and immediately knew that my followers had to be informed
CocoZaahb without a doubt has been a learning experience 
and is a major component in what has helped me get into the college of my dreams
If I could thank all 193 of you lovely people personally for following me 
believe me I would
I love you all 



Little Lemon Girl said...

Hey Coco I know i'm not subscribed to this blog but I always read it and I loveee all the pics you put up! I'm so happy to hear you got into F.I.T. -- you deserve it!!! Good luck and best wishes!!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Grattis!! as we say in sweden (congrats).

maria dolores said...

Good luck! I would also like to study there someday. XX