I love Chanel and I always have
but I HATE the shoes in this collection ugh!
When Karl did clogs I thought to myself
"ok this is cute"
They didnt translate very well off the runway but it had an appeal
these "things" whatever they are, are NOT Coco & Zaahb approved
but other than that I loved the more modern looks 
as well as the more classic tweed jackets and dresses

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Source: FashionGoneRogue


designsbymhari said...

I'm gonna have to agree. That last pair of shoes. Way too much glitter. They look like kid's shoes

sian l-b said...

before i read your statement at the bottom i was already thinking 'those shoes are awful' haha, the look like shoes made for correctional physio? bad move. the looks are all great just, from the knees up! xx

TheStylist LA said...

Agreed. liked the collection, but NOT the shoes.