Its Weird & I Love It

These are not your average boots
and as much as I love innovative fashion
I will never wear boots shaped like hooves

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Source: Jak&Jil


yevy said...

incredible im obsessed with the jeffrey campbells!!!!!!

MissZuri said...

the first ones are Jeffries! Ilovvvvve them...theyve been on my wishlist 4 the longest! it takes a bold person to wear bold anything!

xoxo. MissZuri....

Self proclaimed style chameleon

Eden said...

Oh!The 1st ones and 2nd ones!I love them and def want to wear them:)))

Violetta E. said...

amazing shoes

sian l-b said...

i really like the first two pairs! even though theyre a bit bondage meets evil villain... the last pair is a stretch too far but theyre pretty damn cool all the same :) xx
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Aki No Yuutsu said...

Awesome boots!!!!
They're all so cool!