Broken Little Things

So the tittle of this post has absolutely nothing to do with Street Style
But yesterday my mom broke her ankle!
Coco has to play nurse instead of Blogger for a while
I broke my wrist when I was 11, Have you guys ever broken anything?

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Source: StockholmStreetstyle


Mash said...

hooo hope your mom will feel better soon , so you can blog !
I love all the pictures :)

A Glamorous Way of Thinking said...

Aww Hope your mother is alright.
Never broke anything. Quite lucky

Anonymous said...

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Everyone loves fashion said...

im sooooo totally in love with the second red/orange/rose heels and that white dress you have no idea!


hope mum gets better!
two sprained wrists but no breaks thank goodness!
great street photos.


Oh.Kate. said...

Eeks! I've never had any breaks, but I hope your mom gets to feel better soon.

I love the street style pictures you've posted though. They are some pictures I've never seen before, I like that you've shown them!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

i've broken my wrist once after falling from chasing a bouncing ball in front of my home. painful!

i LOVE your blog btw. definitely following!

take a peak at mine and pls follow if you fancy!