Off The Hanger

 I really like to hear what you guys think 
so I started asking myself what would be a really good question to ask you guys
and I came up with this
If you could switch closets with ANYONE, who would it be?
Coco's Answer: Kate Lanphear

Answer in a Comment Below!

Sources: DirtyLittleStyleWhore, Bones&Style, TrashionBitches


Rose&Coco said...

oh woah i would die to have a wardrobe like that!!!
well actually no, because what would be the point in having a killer wardrobe if im dead....
but i would LOVE to have those wardrobes!!!
check out our blog yeah?

dreamylacey said...

Ah I have 3 persons in mind

olivia palermo
kate moss
and I have read that clausia shiffer rents some buidings to put her wardrobe in so claudia schiffer.

.sabo skirt. said...

That wardrobe is AMAZING!!!

We would love to swap our wardrobes with the Olsens. What a dream that would be!!

Ps. thank you for sharing your beauty secret with us! We've never heard of wearing plastic bags on your feet but we are so eager to try it out =D

xx .sabo skirt.

ellevictoire said...

wow, i'd give anything to have a wardrobe like one of these. a dream.

..Lika. said...

♥ cute blog ♥

impressionsforbreakfast said...

hey girls! just stumbled upon your blog and loving it! i wonder how you guys look like after seeing all these beautiful inspiration posts..
umm and well, i woudn't mind to switch closets with kate. ;)
xxx isabel