Light Of The Morning

My summer is shaping up to be pretty awesome
It would be even better if Zaahb & I acquire a job 
Job + Money = FUN!

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Jesse said...

Hmmmmm rings rings rings, lovely photos

Mystery Bruises said...

i looovee these pictures!
yet another fantastic fashion post from you guys!
my fave is the fox tail keychain! i must have one!
keep up the good stuff

Kara Marie said...

this was amazing! i love random collections of photos <3

Phoebe Rose said...

Love the studded clutch and slouchy shorts!

agnes said...

j'adore toutes ces bagues, elles sont magnifiques

Keri said...


JJ Scholl said...

i need to acquire those fuzzy navajo-print shorts. amazing.

Kelly said...

Yay for summer!! I love all these clutches!! I need a ginormous one! And I also need a job too!!!

<3 Kelly