Daylight Hours

Another one of my not so randomly themed inspiration post

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Sources: DirtyLittleStyleWhore, DuhItsMelissa, FashionFever


agnes said...

superbes photos, et j'aime beaucoup les chaussures grises

miss anonymous. said...

The last shoes are insanely cute. I need to know where I can get me a pair of those! :D

xx miss anonymous.

WildFlower said...

Heyo! Love this post, especially the all black girl in the white room. Just found your blog and liking what you post...will follow you!

Anonymous said...

adore the shoes in the last pic! love!



chloe said...

love this post. especially love the jean shorts look.

if you're into that you should check out our vintage store, we've been studding vintage jean shorts and putting them up on etsy! check it out!


LoliTa said...

great photos!

JJ Scholl said...

recently found the blog - you two are a phenomenally savvy pair. love the recent street style snap shots...tres sartorialist.
hope you'll stop by JJ Scholl

M. said...

i like it :) !

goodbyestockholm said...

These are great! Thanx for sharing!

Kelly said...

Love random photos!!

<3 Kelly

BrutaLBudget said...

ahhh! the tights are great!

Juliette B. said...

i love the first wedges!