Tangent Mag

Hello Everybody!
A few days ago I received an E-mail from Emmanuel Giraud from Tangent Magazine
I took a look at the online mag and I fell in love with it, 
I havent heard about it until this week but I can tell that i'll be reading this magazine from now on
The magazine itself has a style of its own which I appreciate since every other mag these days seems to resemble one another. 
Every article and photograph has so much life and energy behind it that I just want more.
The Issue that the fabulous pictures above are featured in is the BOLD issue that you can read HERE
Some of my favorite bloggers are even inside the mag 
as well as some newer bloggers making a splash in the blogging community. 
Coco is interested and I think you should be too!
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Anonymous said...

iwant those over the knee boots. great post. i might check oout that maganize

will noww start to follow you!! hopefully you can follow me too



Everyone loves fashion said...

such a fierce and strong ed :)

Sarah said...

Love love love these shots and the LBDs! although the guy in the string vest totally creeps me out...

Nicole Jarecz said...

it looks like a great magazine. i'll have to check it out! love the first photo!

Raez said...

defs a good mag, this editorial is top notch!

xx raez

M* said...

I love his hair!

Devon said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing x