Strike A Pose

Masha Novoselova by Txema Yeste for V Magazine Spain
It seems as though the fashion world cant let go of Alexander Mcqueen's
spectacular designs and shoes if thats what you can even call them that
I love this editorial
The seconds I saw it, it was so striking and powerful
I'd love to get my hands on that spiked sweater she's wearing

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Walk The Sand said...

I agree, that spiked sweater is amazing!
Awesome post.

SaraKateSwan said...

Incredible shoot.

mumbles said...

I really liked that shoot too
those alexander mcqueen's clothes are gorgeous

Carolina Krews said...

Never is too short ;) good post

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Am new to the site and am loving these pics! Fab! :)

Bardot in Blue said...

creepy and coooooollll