Running Around

Throwing a bunch of pictures together is a little harder than one would expect
10 long minutes staring at your computer saying:
"What am I gunna post?"
But this is the end result
Not very Fashiony(so not a word) but slightly inspiring

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Fjono said...

Gorgeous post and gorgelicious pictures!:) Makes me wanna check out the rest of your blog.
Peace out, rock on 'n all that jazz!

Copious Couture said...

I am totally wearing my hair like the first picture tomorrow!!


jessica danielle. said...

I agree, it is quite difficult!
I like your choices though :)


Devon said...

Great choices! I want all of those outfits haha x

Bardot In Blue said...

what babes!! i love that one girls nude lace ups...

Carolina Krews said...

Great inspirational pictures! Love it.

Lindsay With An "A" said...

I'm a new follower! Love, love, love the blog and how you organize your posts! Shoes in the 2nd pic rock my world!