Say Cheese

So todays an "inspired" post of gorgeous girls taking pictures
a bit of a twist since I always post pics of people in front of the camera
I went on a serious picture binge looking for something to post
until I decided on this

Source: FashionFever


Charmaine Li said...

Love the nail colour in the first and last photo!

Glam Girl said...

Lovelly post! Nice colour of nails, I have one like that!

pilcuis said...

I gave you the sunshine award :) is in my blog


welcometoviolence said...

i love all these pictures! love it!

FabLondyn said...

Cute blog so far,I'm your new follower..Check out my blog and if you like it please follow..!!! :)~Londyn

The Man from Amsterdam said...

haha love all these cam pics.

Anonymous said...

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