3D Exposure

Ellus Leather Denim Winter 2010
This whole 3D has swam its way into fashion
something as visionary as this is something that I think the late Alexander McQueen
would have explored further & definitely would've been great
N.E.ways I love Cintia Dicker, her face is so unique & Im a sucker for a red head
I was a little surprised to see Madonna's boy toy Jesus Luz in the campaign
but hey every model needs work



Margaret said...

LOVE this :D
much more successful than my 3D attempt :p
<3 xx

the gorgeous said...

love the last pic, she really reminds me to kate Moss there!great blog :)


great work

Copious Couture said...

These pictures are incredible!! I love them!!!



The Man from Amsterdam said...

I love the colours of this editorial.