All Black Everything...

Donna Karan
Elie Tahari
Jen kao
Michael Kors

Im so glad to see that black is still a big color this season
I hate it when i flip through mags
and they claim that some bright ass color is in
Black will always be my go to color!
Whats yours?




Rachel said...

I love the color black. I definitely understand what you mean by being overwhelmed by bright colors. I was so pleased to see blacks and creams for this season.

Raez said...

Thakoon was the shittttt. loved the collection. glad to see Fall 2010 looking so awesome.

xx raez

Moda de Colores said...

i love Elie Tahari!

pilcuis said...

I love this color, many things in my wardrobe are black

Marjorie said...

hahaa black will never be out :)